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Sutton's Family Italian Restaurant, Bar, and Catering | Lexington, KY

Family owned and operated since 2008.

Like all great stories, this one started a long time ago in Italy with the Mastarone family and a long tradition of cooking for others and sharing a passion for great Italian food. As all families do, this family grew and moved from Italy to other points, including the United States and eventually Kentucky. As luck would have it, Mamma Mastarone’s grandson Gordon shares the family’s love for food. Gordon Lewis has been serving Central Kentucky and the Midwest in restaurants for over 26 years. Close your eyes and travel back in time to when everyone knew the baker and the milkman and had ice delivered for the ice box.

Come remember the pleasure of waking up every morning to find a hot, crisp loaf of Italian bread waiting behind the screen door and a kitchen full of fresh vegetables being prepared for meals and canning.

Open your eyes and visit us at Sutton’s, a family-owned and operated family Italian restaurant where we serve meatballs, scallops, pasta, freshly ground sausage and beef, and the best Kentucky has to offer from the farm to table. We know the baker and the farmers that deliver our produce.

Stop in for a quiet and simple meal with a special wine for just the two of you or bring the whole gang and have a big time! Sutton’s is also the perfect lunch location where everyone knows your name (and your favorite dish.) Bring your family in and return Sunday to being the biggest day of the week! Come enjoy the smell of garlic and onions frying in olive oil as it drops into a pan. Sunday is the perfect day for a bowl of pasta with the whole family around the table.

We cater for all kinds of events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, homes, social clubs, hospitals, instritutions, offices, businesses, reunions, wineries, luncheons, corporate events, grand openings and so much more... We love catering! Let us be a part of your next special event!

Fresh. Never frozen. Unique, value driven, high quality menu with made-from-scratch specialties served from our family to yours.

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